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What will happen if Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) crashes?

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What will happen if Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) crashes?

Terrence had a customer ask a hypothetical question:






One of my customer ask some VCEM questions , if Central Management System server crashed and can’t restore anymore and blade’s MAC and WWN were assigned from VCEM.

1.    At this situation ,will VCEM fail to maintain it’s VC modules’ MAC / WWN database and  can’t create new server profile ?

2.    Is there any bad effect that will cause existing server network / FC linkage lost if VCEM crashed ? and server profile will lost network’s MAC and fc HBA’s WWN ?

3.    What should we do after reinstall a new CMS/VCEM , can we recovery VC configuration from VCM or not ?


Thanks a lot.




Alexander replied:






If VCEM crashes, all domains will work normaly, but you can't control the domains.


If you want to take back rights for VC domain control via VCM, you need to connect to VC via CLI and relaese control from VCEM.






Lionel also engaged the conversation:





1/ If you lose VCEM, you only lose the management aspect of your VC Domains but all VC Managers will continue to operate normally, VCM is the component that will make all the job done, sending and receiving traffic, making switching decisions, etc.


2/ As previously said, all server blades continue to operate, and the integrity of the server (application and data) is not compromised.


3/ There are two places where information is stored: in the CMS and in the VC Modules, and some amount of information is stored on both:

In the VC module we store:

-       Local user account

-       Network and SAN configuration

-       Assigned Server Profiles


In the CMS, we store:

-       Also the Network and SAN configuration

-       Also the Assigned Server Profiles

-       Unassigned Server Profiles

-       VC Domain groups

-       MAC/WWN addresses exclusions


So if you lose the CMS, and no database backup is available then a large amount of information can still be reconstructed from the contents of the VC modules like the Network configuration, the  SAN configuration, the assigned Server profiles with their assigned addresses.  But some information,  stored only in the VCEM database will be unfortunately lost like the unassigned server profiles, the addresses exclusions, the custom ranges, the VC Domain Groups definition. If you have a good database backup, then VCEM can be restored totally even after complete CMS failure.




Great info! Any other comments or questions?