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Where do we get Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU)?

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Where do we get Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU)?

Joon had a question regarding VCSU:




Form VC 3.x, I do not see Firmware Update menu in the GUI anymore. Can I ask why we removed it and recommend using VCSU?!


Also, where do we get that VCSU then?




Vincent had an answer:




The GUI firmware update couldn’t handle the all-inclusive firmware package covering all VC modules, and VCSU did a more consistent job at firmware updates.


You can find VCSU from the same place where you’d find the firmware package: Support and Drivers, search for a Virtual Connect product, pick a model (doesn’t matter which one), pick a Windows OS, scroll down to the Utilities section




Comments? Have you used VCSU for updates? How has it worked for you? Let us know please.