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World Wide Names (WWNs) in Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM)

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World Wide Names (WWNs) in Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM)

Steinar had a customer question when setting up his VCEM environment:




We have a customer who wants to use the Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM), a product that we unfortunately do not have much experience with.


We have created a VC domain group in VCEM, and now we want to import four different VC domains (four C7000 chassis) into this domain group. The VC domain is set up with HP Predefined MAC# and WWN ranges. Each VC domain has its own unique range. The different VC domains have server profiles assigned, and the servers are up and running.


What happens when we import the VC domains into the VC domain group? Will the profiles keep the HP Predefined WWN, or will Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager assign new WWNs to these profiles?


All the servers boot from SAN, so it’s important that the WWNs is unchanged.




We had a number of people contribute to this question:




Hiro stated: 

Imported profile still use same MAC/WWN and new profile created by VCEM use VCEM defined MAC/WWN.


Then Cullen added: 

Something you will need to consider, based on my experience, is that all the VC domains must be configured identically (with the exception of the server profiles and certain other unique items).  This includes:

-          Same Virtual Connect modules in the same slots in each enclosure

-          Same uplink ports configured for the same networks/shared uplink sets

-          Same network configurations (name, VLAN, uplink/shared uplink set)

-          Same Fibre Channel fabrics


And then David: 

That’s enforced so a profile can be moved anywhere within a VC Domain Group and still have connectivity.  I know the product manager is working for a future version to deal with the first bullet, but there still will be restrictions and it can easily get messy.


Even Vincent provided input: 

Be prepared that the configuration of the existing 4 VC domains needs to be very precisely identical so that they can be imported into the same VCEM Domain Group. Check out the VCEM user guide pages 27-29 for a list of parameters that need to match




Any other input? Have you done this and can share what you did and how it worked?