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c7000 design confusion

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c7000 design confusion

We are implementing 2 c7000 chassis using Flex-10(no converged fabric).  We are a bit confused on how we setup the 2 chassis to ensure failover and redundancy. Each chassis has 2 vNet modules and will be connecting to 2 Nexus 5k's. We are not sure if we should be creating 1 or 2 Shared Uplink Sets. We want to get 40GB throughput, which I assume we have to be in an "active/active" configuration. We plan on setting up 6 blades(3 on each chassis) for an ESXi cluster.  Also, we are stacking the two chassis and are not sure how we accomplish this. I've read through a few of the cookbooks, but am getting even more confused. Our goal is max throughput and also redunandcy; any advise for design is appreciated.  Right now we have been testing in our lab 1 chassis that connects to 1 Nexus 5k using 1 SUS(20GB throughput) and its working great. However, introducing this second chassis in confusing us.

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Re: c7000 design confusion

Will see if I can get you some help.