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connect ilo network inside blade


connect ilo network inside blade

Hy, what are the ways to administer my ilo network inside one protected blade.

On blade I have esx installed and the idea is to do a virtual machine isolated from other networks to connect to ilo network and can administer bladesysstem.

What can be me alternatives?



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Re: connect ilo network inside blade

There is no VM accessible connection from VC to the iLO network the OA provides. This connection would have to leave VC, go through your normal Switch environment and then back through OA 1Gb connections.

So as long as you provide your iLO VLAN to the VC Uplinks and then create the proper VC config and matching vSpere Port Group this will work.

But again, there is no back door into the OA/iLO through the enclosure from VC.