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hba error when adding profile in virtual connect

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hba error when adding profile in virtual connect



we have the following setup

c7000 blade enclosure with virtual connect.  6 bl490 servers configured and running. 

These are in bays 1,2,3,9,10,11

all flex 10 with qlogic qmh2562 8gb fc hba installed

All setup to boot from eva 4400.  all work without any issues.


we have added the following

2 bl490 with flex 10 & qlogic qmh2562 8gb fc hba installedto eva as ports, presented staorage to hosts

The cards was installed in mezanine slot 2 in the blades

blades in slots 4 & 12 in the chasis


when i try to add a profile the following message appears:

At least one fibre channel hba port is not connected to a vc-fc switch.  The mezzanine card maybe installed in the wrong location.  Are you sure you to continue.  I click yes and continue


when i check the fabrics in virtual connect they look ok and they are listed but they say "not logged in"


Any help on the above is much appreciated.






When i try to add the a profile it works apart from the fibre connections dont work


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Re: hba error when adding profile in virtual connect

Hello, Could you please config in which bays the VC-FC modules reside in?


Verify that MEZZ slot that teh HBA has been installed in in the existing servers.


It might appear that the VC-FC modules are have been installed in Bays 3 and 4, in which case the HBA should be mezz slot 1.


Verify the new servers are configured the same way was the existing servers.