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iSCSI Boot Drivers for NC553i embedded FlexFabric NIC

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iSCSI Boot Drivers for NC553i embedded FlexFabric NIC

Chris had a customer problem with the embedded FlexFabric NICs.




Just to revisit this… 


Been working with a customer to setup Virtual Connect FlexFabric with a boot from iSCSI configuration.  The iSCSI settings in the Emulex BIOS are correct and we are connecting back to the StorageWorks P4500 storage.  Connectivity checks out and now its time to install Win2008 R2 on these BL490G7s.  The setup shell/wizard asks for the installation source location where we need to load the drivers that will point to the iSCSI LUN.  There is no local storage so the only option is to load the iSCSI drivers for the iSCSI storage device.


We have provided  every Emulex based driver provided on to the Windows installation wizard.  The Emulex INF files do not seem to be recognized by the installation wizard.  As a test we tried the Broadcom iSCSI Boot Package and the INF files are recognized as selectable devices.  This would be great except that the server is the BL490G7 without any Broadcom gear.  We even tried the Emulex FCoE Boot package, the Emulex iSCSI Driver and just the plain device driver – nada.


Just want to be sure I am not missing anything obvious prior to opening a support case.  


Thank you,




Later Chris solved his own problem:





Closing the book on this…  the drivers we were applying were correct – the ones on the BL490G7 support site.


The customer had the wrong installation media.  So we were doing everything right all along – just the wrong flavor of OS media.  Today, upon discovering the install media fiasco, we booted to a 64bit CD and the drivers we had worked right away.  OS install complete.


Thank you to those that tried to help me out through this.




Just goes to show that you need to look at everything when trying to solve a customer issue. Have you any war stories to tell? Let us know!!