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iSCSI Flow Control Settings for VC Uplinks question

Trusted Contributor

iSCSI Flow Control Settings for VC Uplinks question

Question from Hoa:




With iSCSI we recommend either Flow Control or Jumbo Frame.     With VC downlink ports flow control enable by default, not uplink ports.    To enable this feature, it seems to me that ALL VC ports up and down links will be enabled.      We’ll use only two ports from VC Flex-10 for iSCSI AND NFS, Flex LOMs for ESX traffics.      Is  it ok set flow control globally for VC?     I must enable this feature for all iSCSI components related components (switches,  iSCSI Storage system)




Input from Aric:




Flow control is enabled by default with VC.




Reply from Hoa:




Correct for downlinks not uplinks.     Once you issue the command up and down links are enabled, a global command.     We select 554M Mezz for iSCSI & NFS not sure we need or can deselect 554FLB LOMs (ESX networks) from Flow Control.




Any other help?