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# of uplinks redsign

Occasional Advisor

# of uplinks redsign

Trying to determine what the appropriate number of uplinks should be for an ethernet network.  Currently have a c7000 enclosure with 4 virtual connect modules, I have a variety of systems in the enclosure including vphere hosts. i'm using all the uplink ports (8)


uplink 1-2 - ethernet network for physical servers (shared uplink) - CORE NETWORK 6509 core switch

uplink 3-5 - iscsi network for physical servers - ISCSI NETWORK 3560 switches

uplink 5-6 - ethernet network for vsphere (ethernet network) CORE NETWORK 6509 core switch

uplink 7-8 - iscsi network for vsphere (ethernet network)  ISCSI NETWORK 3560 switches


Does this seems logical?  Should I collapse some things?