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pause frames \ network interruptions for all blades

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pause frames \ network interruptions for all blades


We have experienced the following bug listed in the advisory 3 separate times in 3 different C7000's over the past year.  All C7000's have a mix of BL460c G6's and G7's  We seem to be triggering this bug when inserting a blade into an enclosure that has working productions blades.  When the bug is tickled, it will interrupt the network communications for all the other blades in the same enclosure.  The advisory states a workaround of disabling flow control by issuing the following command. "set advanced-networking FlowControl=off".  This is a disruptive process in itself.  In testing the network is interrupted for about 7-8 pings for all the blades in the encl when changing the FlowControl settings.  I guess this would be fine during a maintenance window but I don't have such a luxury in our 7/24 mfg enviroment.  


Does the excessive pause frames seem to happen more with  Bl460c G6's or G7's?

Are there any other feasible workarounds?

Do we think that VC 4.0 really addresses this issue?  Release note?

I would also like to know if other customers experience the same with excessive Pause frames?

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Re: pause frames \ network interruptions for all blades

We experienced this problem 3/27/2013. We are waiting for VC F/W 4.00 release. T2 level support we were working with indicated an anticipated release date of May time frame.


Don't know if this will fix the issue......





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Re: pause frames \ network interruptions for all blades

VC 4.0 was delayed due to a specific issue popping up under specific circumstances that not every customer will meet.


If you talk to your SA or Sales Rep and ask, you might be able to get on the VC 4.0 extended Beta and you can then test the pause frame issue in a lab or Non-Prod enclosure.  Assuming you have one that also exhibits this problem of course.


Aside from that, please make sure your NIC/CNA firmware is totally up to date as that seems to help a bit.