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"Incompatible" status when attempting to stack two enclosures

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"Incompatible" status when attempting to stack two enclosures

Lawrence was helping a customer with a stacking issue:




Hi Stacking experts,


One of my customers wants to stack two enclosures together to create a larger VC domain.


On the 1st enclosure, they have Flex-10 interconnects running VC 3.60 in IC bays 1 & 2.

In IC bays 3 & 4, they have pass thru modules.  They have set the compatibility mode for VLAN capacity to “extended” – previously it was on “legacy” mode.




On the new enclosure that they want to stack to the 1st enclosure, they have FlexFabric interconnects running VC 3.60 in IC bays 1 & 2.  IC bays 3 & 4 is not populated.  There is no VC domain configured – it has been deleted.  OA is 3.60.

What concerns me is that the Interconnect Bay does not seem to indicate the part number, serial number or firmware version.  The VC modules were shipped to the customer with f/w 3.70 but have been downgraded to 3.60 using VCSU 1.7.1 without incident.




There is no VC FC anywhere.


When they connect the stacking links together, they get this error message:




What could be the cause of this “Incompatible” issue?




Troy replied:




This configuration is not supported.  The Setup and Install Guide covers all the supportability rules for stacking.  Here is the note of relevance:


  • • All enclosures must have the same FC and FlexFabric module configuration. For example, if bays 1 and

2 of the Primary Enclosure contain FlexFabric modules, then bays 1 and 2 of Remote Enclosures 1, 2,

and 3 must also contain FlexFabric modules.


If the base enclosure has VC Flex-10 modules in bays 1 and 2, all remote enclosures must have VC Flex-10, VC 1/10-F, or VC 1/10 modules.  VC FlexFabric and VC Flex10/10D are not supported.




COmments or questions?