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removing an enclosure from VCM

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removing an enclosure from VCM

we removed an enclosure out of our VC domain without removing all the associations and deleting it from the domain first.   Now I want to clean it up, how do I remove the old enclosure from virtual connect now that it cannot talk to the OA anymore?  When I try to delete server profiles it says cannot communicate with OA (as expected) and wont delete them and the option to remove enclosure is greyed out.  I do not have an option of reconnecting the enclosure and safely removing it the proper way.

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Re: removing an enclosure from VCM

You may be left with just deleting your domain(s) and then rebuilding them.  I would say, try a config backup and restore, but that will likely try to restore the missing enclosure.


What firmware of VCM is running?  you may have the option to run a 'show config' from the CLI.  You can then edit that data to remove the missing enclosure.  Reset VCM to factory defaults, access the CLI again and copy the data to rebuild the base config.



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Re: removing an enclosure from VCM

Be sure you can NOT removed enclosure enc0 (master/base enclosure), this enclosure cant be deleted.


If you remove fysical the hardware of a slave enclosure without de-configure it, you need to restore your vc domain backup, or reconnect the old hardware.


see also page 18