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stacking flex10 - flex10/10D


stacking flex10 - flex10/10D



I want to stack Flex10 Module with flex10/10D Module (VC stacking).


Enc1 - Bay1/Bay2   Flex10

             Bay3/Bay4   VC FC 20Port


Enc2 - Bay1/Bay2    Flex10/10D

             Bay3/Bay4    VC FC 20Port


Is this supportet? Or do I need in Bay1/Bay2 the same Module´s?




Re: stacking flex10 - flex10/10D

I found the the solution in the Bladesystem Setup and Install Guide:


All enclosures must have the same HP VC Flex-10/10D module configuration. For example, if bays 1

and 2 of the Primary Enclosure contain HP VC Flex-10/10D modules, then bays 1 and 2 of Remote

Enclosures 1, 2, and 3 must also contain HP VC Flex-10/10D modules.


So for my understanding, you cannot do multi-enclosure stacking with different Modules in Bay1/Bay2.

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Re: stacking flex10 - flex10/10D

I checked with someone very close to the VC Engineering team and he said that warning may have been added prematurelty as it pertains to a future feature.


For traditional Ethernet you can mix different Flex10 and 10D models in the same MES.


If you have an HP Contact (Sales person or PreSales SA) and an NDA in place, ask for a VC Roadmap and I am sure the future feature I am referring to will be obvious.  But even then you might not use it right away.