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vc ver 3.6 vs 4.10 port monitoring issue

Occasional Visitor

vc ver 3.6 vs 4.10 port monitoring issue

In VC 3.6 the following command works fine:


add port-monitor monitorport=enc0:1:d1:v3


enc0 is the enclosure

1 is the module (left one)

d1 is the blade bay number

The v3 signifies the network we want to monitor.


If we do it woithout the v3 then it defaults to all networks assigned to that port as we would expect.


However, In vc 4.10 the same command ignores the v3 and instead monitors ALL ports. 

Just as if we had requested:   add port-monitor monitorport=enc0:1:d1



Does anyone know if this is a code error or an intentional degregation of the port-monitor function?

Or hopefully, is there a fix?