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virtual connect utilization and trending


virtual connect utilization and trending

Hello everyone! We are trying to find a way to monitor bandwidth utilization between the virtual connect modules and the baldes that live on the enclosure that the virtual mdule is connected to. Basically we are looking for the following information:

Total utilization of the virtual connect modules

How is the VC being shared across the blades (peaks/averages)

Available bandwidth on the VC –to understand capacity


We want to find out how each blade is using the VC, it becomes more important when these blades are running ESX as that will enable us to understand how to forcast VM density along with memory and cpu. I have been told there is no way to gather the data about the VC utilization between the blades. I find it hard to beleive that we happen to be the first ones to have such a request. With that being said, is there anyone out there who has been able to gather similar data or something even close to what is being discussed here. Any help will be much appreciated.


Re: virtual connect utilization and trending

Give Cacti a shot