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BL460c Gen9 and VMWare build 3247720 (Update 1a + patch for CBT issue)

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BL460c Gen9 and VMWare build 3247720 (Update 1a + patch for CBT issue)

Hi to all,

I have following problem at my customer who have 50 new BL460c Gen9 servers in their production. Problem is that there is new patch for VMWare 6.x for CBT problem (incremental backup of VMs) who is solved in VMWare release build 3247720 (release date 2015-11-25)

On HPE web page it is possible to download only buid 3073146 (VMWare 6.0 Update 1a, release date 2015-10-06), so new patch is not included in HPE VMWare custom image.

As this is Gen9 server, there is issue after apply of any kind of VMWare patches, as explained in document

Bottom line is that explained workaround that needs to be done to fix issues of Gen9 is time consumming for my customer, so I need to find other kind of solution.

Solution would be to have HPE Custom image with included patch (ESXi base) 3247720, so I am wondering when this custom image will be available, as CBT problem is hitting and my customer dont have backups of his VMS because of that bug and problem with apply of patch to Gen9 servers.
Or at least how to get in touch with right people from HPE VMWare team (build team) that can help me to solve this issue.
Officially I have opened case at HPE for this issue (if needed I can provide HPE case number).

Tnx !