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Best practice for booting VMware vSphere?

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Best practice for booting VMware vSphere?

Michael had a question regarding the best way to bootup VMware vSphere:




   Which of these two options is considered best practice for vSphere boot and why - 2GB USB or 4GB SDHC? I seem to recall reading something recommending USB but can’t find the document.


What are the pros and cons of the above versus local mirror or BfS e.g. presumably USB and SDHC are less resilient but cheaper?


Does auto-deploy in 5.1 affect the choice?




Input from Eirik:




I am not sure about the recommendation, however these are my views.


USB \ SD == cheap, no mirroring (even though Dell claims they have “mirroring” on their “dual-SD” solution, but you still have to reboot the host to rebuild the mirror).

Local mirror == great, and possible to move critical VMs to host if maintenance on SAN, also, hotswap where applies.

BFS == more flexible, you can make spare server boot the same image etc (with f.eks virtual connect virtual mac\wwn)


Just my two cents.




Other suggestions or comments?