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Broadcom NetExtreme2 queue depth

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Broadcom NetExtreme2 queue depth


I'm currently setting up the new Vmware environment based on HP BL460c G8. My storage vendor reccomends setting HBA queue depth (QD) to 255 so that the HBA does not impose limits on ESXi if it wants to change the QD. ESXi can handle QD up to 255.

However, when I consult ESXTOP it shows a DQLEN value of 32, and an AQLEN of 1024.

I interpret this as follows:

The DQLEN indicates that my storage has a QD of 32 and the servers Broadcom CNA has a QD of 1024. Since this is more than any OS i know of can handle I quess this is a way of saying that the CNA can handle any QD your oS can. Any thoughts on this assumption? If this is true, is this also the reason that there seems to be no way (in BIOS or on esxcli) to set the QD manually?


All thoughts welcome


/The Meteor