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ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.1 Upgrade, Issues: requesting help

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ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.1 Upgrade, Issues: requesting help



I have been recently attempting to upgrade from ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.1 on my C7000 bladecenter running:


4 x ProLiant BL460c G7

3 x GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switch


I tried the Vmware Umgrade manager using what I think/thought was the correct version of the HP ESXi 5.1 installation.  I had no end to problems with compatibility with VIBS, and the upgrade manager.  I decided to try a manual upgrade of the ESX to ESXi via the console.  This appeared to work fine,  the appeared to install fine, and upon restart the Vcenter Server was unable to connect to the newly upgraded ESXi 5.1 u1 host.


upon further investigation with some help of Vmware it was determined that for whatever reason 2 of my 4 vmnics were not detected. due to either driver version or firmware version of the Emulex.  the vmware tech basically wanted me to find out which version of the emulex firmware is required to go with the net-be2net drivers.


it would appear that t he version of the net-be2net that i have running is ( I believe this to be the driver version and not the firmware version)  if anyone out there has had this issue or can point me in the direction of current firmware / driver versions for my emulex drivers  I would be most greatful.


the upgrading from ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.1 has been a nightmare so far and I hope to catch a break!




an ISO image with everything included would also go a long way since I have 3 more hosts to go after all this is resolved!



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Re: ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.1 Upgrade, Issues: requesting help

Maybe the issue isn't Emulex based NICS at all.


I am using:

GbE2C Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switches:

NC360m Dual port 1Gb NIC.


Soooo frustrating!