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ESX5i BL460C G1 - Sometimes high latency on sata disk

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ESX5i BL460C G1 - Sometimes high latency on sata disk



I have a ESX5i with latest patch set from VMWARE.


I have added two Seagate 750GB harddisk Momentus XT in a raid 1 configuration. On the E200i  controller I have enabled write cache on the disk. Other wise the performance on write is really slow.


The pattern on high latency is really strange. Sometimes i rockets to above 100 ms, and then drops again. 


Has anybody else have the same performance? Is it what I could expect?


Best regards

Søren Laursen






Re: ESX5i BL460C G1 - Sometimes high latency on sata disk



How are the drives added, as a datastore or RDM.


if it is datastore check if enough room space available for the vm's running on it


if it is RDM check if VM provisioned with proper resource and application running on the vm having any issues.


Also check the below link which provides details on monitoring the storage performance from cli, which could help you out narrow down the issue.




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