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ESXi 5 on BL460c Gen8 and Flex 10 - Failed to install

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ESXi 5 on BL460c Gen8 and Flex 10 - Failed to install

VMware installation question from Tom:




I have an issue with installing VMware ESXi 5 on HP BL460c Gen8 blades.

Using the HP rebuild ISO image VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.0.0.update01-623860.x86_64.iso


When using the ISO image to perform the installation it aborts the installation with the following message:

No Network Adapters

No Network Adapters were detected. Either no network adapters are physically

connected to the system, or a suitable driver could not be located. A third party

driver may be required.

… (press ENTER to reboot)


I am trying to install the drivers from the VMware portal for the HP Flex-10 10Gb 2-port 530FLB Adapter;

But it is only possible to update the drivers for an already installed ESXi host!


The configuration only uses the Flex-10 adapter, no other network adapters are in the blade configuration.



Any advice on how to install ESXi 5 on this blade configuration?




Info from Olivier:




You’re not using the HP image, the ESXi 5.0 Update 1 HP Build image is : 5.0_U1_Jun_2012_ESXi_HD-USB-SDImgeInstlr_Z7550-00779.iso

Release notes

The new and updated features for the HP ESXi 5.0 U1 Customized Image for June 2012 include:

• VMware ESXi 5.0 U1 is supported on new Gen8 servers.

• Updated VMware IOVP Certified Device Drivers added to HP ESXi 5.0 U1 installation images

for HP device enablement.

• Supports HP Dynamic Smart Array.

• Updated providers:

◦ New Gen8 servers and new hardware.

◦ Additional support for HP Smart Carrier.

◦ Additional support for AC Lost detection for power supplies.

• Updated Agentless Management Service to:

◦ Support new hardware.

◦ Report network and SAS driver information.

◦ Report performance data.


And you can download it here :




Reply from Tom:




Thank you for your feedback.

The HP rebuild 5.0_U1_Jun_2012_ESXi_HD-USB-SDImgeInstlr_Z7550-00779.iso is working for me.




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Re: ESXi 5 on BL460c Gen8 and Flex 10 - Failed to install

Where can I get that ESXi for the HP Blade c490 G7 servers ?