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ESXi embedded (USB/SD) vs ESXi installable (disks)

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ESXi embedded (USB/SD) vs ESXi installable (disks)

Chris had a VMware media question:




I am wondering what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of using ESXi embedded (on USB stick or SD card) versus ESXi installable (installed on disk) on ProLIant blades.


Obviously a pair of disks + BBWC for the built in SmartArray controller cost real money. But I get flexibility of patching and have media redundancy (RAID0).


Any comments when one approach fits better than the other and generally what is the best practice today and why?




Oliver joined the chat:




I think you already mentioned all relevant pros and cons.



  • cheaper
  • no redundancy (can be covered by HA if you accept short service disruption but you may have inconsistent applications due to the crash)


hard disk:

  • much more expensive
  • proven redundancy


Performance is not relevant here. If you deploy ESXi on both media then patching is the same.


It would be wonderful to have USB/SD redundancy J  … already discussed on the blade PDL which I have added to the thread.




Ron also added his voice:




Also note that with hard drive based systems there are metrics in place to monitor the health of the drives.


With a flash device we do not get the same health monitoring capability.




What do you think? Do you one over the other?


Re: ESXi embedded (USB/SD) vs ESXi installable (disks)

The Main difference b/t the ESXi Embedded and ESXi Installable


ESXi Embedded (USB/SD) : Image provided by the OEM like HP along with the HP CIM bundled and HP latest drivers


ESXi Installable : Image provided VMware itself and default CIM bundled and there will not be any specific drivers (for eg: HP flex 10 nic drivers) users need to doenload and install them manually.

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