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First Hyper-v setup advice

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First Hyper-v setup advice

I'm going to build my first Hyper-v and I need some advice.

I have a C7000 with Ethernet pass-thru, 2 BL460 G7 and a D2200sb.


If I understand it right I need 2 x VSA Left hand on each BL460 to talk to the D2200sb, right?

Is it a bad idea to use the Ethernet pass-thru instead of Virtual Connect? Virtual Connect are so expansive.

Will my ISCSI traffic take one of the NICs on each BL460 and then go down to the switch and back to the D2200sb?


Any other advice?






Re: First Hyper-v setup advice



Please refer to the following documents for more information in setting up P4000 VSA:



More documents are available at:




You may use Ethernet pass-through modules to connect the D2200sb. Virtual Connects may also be used.





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