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HP VMWare recipes in a non-pdf format

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HP VMWare recipes in a non-pdf format

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if the HP VMWare recipes are put online anywhere in a machine friendly format? All I've managed to find is PDFs which can get mangled when parsing.

In short I'm trying to create a mini app that checks for a new vmware recipe, pulls out the new versions from the recipe, checks them against what's running on the blades and then emails the team and raises a ticket if work is required.

Only thing I'm stuck on is that parsing the PDF doesn't consistenly pull out accurate data, so if it was on something like an RSS feed or an API that would be much better. 



Re: HP VMWare recipes in a non-pdf format

Actually receipes are issuing for people to read it:)

For "machines" we have repository with xmls files. 

Normally customers add repository to VMware Update Manager and it's enough to keep servers updated.

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