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HP blade USB VMware ESXi scripted install

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HP blade USB VMware ESXi scripted install

Malcolm had a VMware question:




HP do not supply ESXi embedded pre-installed on a USB stick. The USB drive has to be purchased and then the version of ESXi downloaded from the HP website and installed manually onto the USB stick. Even though vSphere 4.1 supports the scripted install of ESXi. The simplest solution is to create a master USB key with the above software and clone it for each of the hosts in a Deployed node.




Olivier replied:






When installing ESXi 4.1 on USB or SD drive you cannot used the Scripted Install Feature.


See VMware kb :




Any other comments or suggestions?

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Re: HP blade USB VMware ESXi scripted install

Is there a way to install multiple ESxi embedded hosts?

Has anyone tried yet. any ideas and suggestions.




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Re: HP blade USB VMware ESXi scripted install

I put the iso image on a usb stick and plugged it into the active OA. Then you ssh into the OA and type

show usbkey

It will give you the path to the iso image, like //d1/esx_iso

if you want to install all blades in the enclosure you type

set server dvd connect usb://path_to_iso all

then type

reboot server all

and they will reboot and by default boot from the usb, unless you changed it in the BIOS.