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Hardware Memory Alarms in vCenter

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Hardware Memory Alarms in vCenter

Fredy was looking for a ESX memory alarm problem:




Any one seen this or know if there is a permanent fix for these alarms?

The Customer has seen this many times on some of our G7/G8 blades.  A reboot always clears it. They have seen these memory errors on all 8 RAM modules or just in Processor 1/Processor 2 groups like the one in attached screenshot.  I don't have anything in the IML log, or system log in vCenter.




Input from Christophe:





Caution: in case you need to get through Steps 8 & 9 (restarting the Services), move first your VMs to another ESX Host !!!





Other help?



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Re: Hardware Memory Alarms in vCenter

What about thistype of error on the Blade fan:


is that the same root cause of IPMI sensor as well ?