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Hyper-V Virtual Networks & NCU

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Hyper-V Virtual Networks & NCU

We have three enclosures of BL680c G5 servers (5 blades/enclosure), each with a dual port NC532m (10Gbps) NIC mezz-card connected (one port each) to a 6120XG blade switch. Each blade is setup with a single team (remember, two NICs) named LAN and then VLANs are created to represent each of the three networks (Private [Default], Public [Tagged], Data [Tagged]). We are running Windows Hyper-V Server 2008 R2.


The Hyper-V host OS needs only access to the Private network. The guests need access to all three networks. The switches need to be setup as follows:


Physical NICs (as seen in Windows on the physical hosts):

  • Private:LAN
  • Public:LAN
  • Data:LAN

Virtual Switches:

  • Private - Type: External, accessible by host - NIC: Private:LAN
  • Public - Type: External, not accessible by host - NIC: Public:LAN
  • Data - Type: External, not accessible by host - NIC: Data:LAN

When we create the virtual switches, either locally w/ scripts (Hyper-V PowerShell library and WMI) or remotely with Hyper-V Manager or VMM, most of the time the creation fails. When it fails, most of these instances the switch exists as Private (type, not name) and the "physical" NIC disappears from the network.


On rare occasion, creation succeeds without any retries. Sometimes multiple retries are required but most of the time it just will not work.


Does anyone have experience with this issue? Does anyone have any clever ideas to overcome the issue?


We are going to try using a single NIC without any teaming to see if this will matter. The obvious difference here will be "cq_cpqteam" binding is not enabled.