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Industrial Automation graduation project support request

Occasional Visitor

Industrial Automation graduation project support request

My name is Amir Ahmed , IT Manager at South Valley University (Aswan Branch).I am Currently responsible for the South Valley University team participating in “INDAC” competition held by SIEMENS and Egyptian Industrial Training Council “ITC” which aims at making engineering students able to solve modern industry problems.

There is no doubt that Virtualization of servers is of high importance in information technology field. In automation technology the advantages of virtualization shall also be reached.

Our project phases are:

1.       Monitoring four different systems (automatic garage – RFID system - >>> - >>>) with one WinCC Server (Siemens SCADA System) and four WinCC clients operate on VMware ESXi hosted by HP Blade Server.

2.       Upgrading our system to be Software Redundant by using two VMware ESXi Servers each have one WinCC server and four WinCC clients.

3.       Replacing hardware PLC controllers with PC-Based Controller WinAC to be completely PC-Based Automation.

4.       Upgrading WinAC to be hardware and software redundant using separate VMware ESXi.

At the end of these phases we have two WinCC servers + eight WinCC clients + eight WinAC PC-Based Controller = eighteen Virtual Machines on three VMware ESXi hosted by HP Blade servers.

 Being undergraduates we can’t afford the cost of the project’s hardware and software so thankfully Siemens gift us the Siemens components as a granting to our University and we will compete in the third INDAC Competition and it will be a great chance to present PC-Based Automation And HP Blade Servers to SIEMENS partners and system integrators companies because they are leading the Automation Market In Egypt.

We hope that HP would thankfully support us with either new or used blade servers so we can implement our ambitious project, either as a non -refundable grant or as a loan and also support us with a sales engineer from HP Egypt to attend the competition events and present the potentials of HP Blade servers.
Eng.Amir Ahmed
System Administrator
South Valley University
Aswan Branch