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Insight agents for VMware ESXi 4.x

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Insight agents for VMware ESXi 4.x

Gary was looking for info:




                It appears there are no VMware ESXi 4.x Insight agents for the BL460c G6? Can someone tell me where the agents are located so I can point my customer to the correct download site.


Here is where they should be:




Terri replied:




ESXi 4 or 5 does not support SMH or SNMP agents.   The only agents are the WBEM agents supplied by HP.

HP VMware ESXi does not provide support for the System Management Homepage (SMH). In place of SMH, HP SIM should be used to view management information for ProLiant servers running ESXi.




Any other comments?


Re: Insight agents for VMware ESXi 4.x

I use this hpmgmt-9.1.0a-vmware4x.gz... does it supports snmp version 3?  on ESX 4.1?