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Seeking clarification for supported blade combinations running VMware ESXi in c7000

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Seeking clarification for supported blade combinations running VMware ESXi in c7000

A clarification question from Grant:




Hi Team,


Could the field obtain some clarification with regards to supported blade combinations running ESXi in a c7000.


Following our HP VMware recipe  we show we support all blades from G1 –G9 under the same OA 4.30 & VC 4.30


However according to   which was released on October 22,

G1-G5 blades are supported only to OA 4.2x & VC 4.20. Also Gen 9 blades cannot be mixed with G1-G5 blades.


I have customers running on OA 4.30 with G1-G5 blades / ESXi without issues & was not aware this is not a supported configuration (or is it ?) until just now.


I believe I would not be the only ASM in this position.


Which document is correct. Does the ESXi team certify this is a supported combination (but only if running ESXi and not windows or Linux).

I need to send the right message to my customers.


Also we have documented that the Original BL860/BL870 blades do not work with Virtual Connect 4.30.

I see no mention of this fact in the blade support table. I know these are BCS servers, but it would be nice to have the table include these devices as well.


Eagerly  awaiting a official statement.




Reply from Stefan:




I do not have the official answer for you, however I do have a few comments.

Some of the confusion comes from how you read the VMware Recipe I think.

You mention that it says that we support G1-Gen9 blades under the same OA/VC.

It kind of indicate this if you only look at the tables agreed, however if you read the text it says:

This document specifies the versions of firmware, and software that are recommended for use with VMware vSphere 5.x OS releases in conjunction with the HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) 2014.09.0 and Maintenance Supplement Bundle (MSB) 2014.10.


And if you know your SPP release notes, you know that the SPP 2014.06 was the last SPP to support G1-G5.

So I guess there could be some discussion about if the G1-G5 servers should remain in the document, if they are not supported by the SPP that the Recipe have been certified with.

One answer could be that if we take a look at the SPP support and Compatibility policy. The latest SPP 2014.09 is compatibility with SPP 2014.06 and 2014.02.

Keeping that in mind. G1-G5 servers running a supported SPP, should be supported with OA/VC 4.30.


The question about mixing Gen9 blades with G1-G5 is another story. Just because G1 works with OA 4.30, don’t mean that you can put a Gen9 in the same enclosure.

I would trust the SAW article on that.




Input from Steve:




Some additional information:


  1. OA v4.30 supports G6 to G9 server blades.  As per the SAW document (I’m the author), with OA v4.30 you may mix and combination of G6 to G9 server blades in any c3000 or c7000 enclosure.
  2. VC v4.30 supports G6 to G9 server blades.  Kant should be able to assist with any further VC firmware questions.
  3. SPP 2014.09.0 supports G6 to G9 server blades, see  For a complete list supported servers, see  Wendy should be able to assist with any further SPP questions.
  1. I reviewed the VMware Recipe document referenced below.  I did not come to the conclusion that it indicates OA 4.30 and VC 4.30 support G1 through Gen9 server blades.  However, we do not want that document to even imply this is the case.  Stefan, can you explain how you came to this conclusion so we can resolve any issues with the document?






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Re: Seeking clarification for supported blade combinations running VMware ESXi in c7000