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VMware shutdown with HP R5500 UPS

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VMware shutdown with HP R5500 UPS

Larry was looking for some help with Power Manager scripting:




I need to shutdown a complete infrastructure when the UPS detects a power outage.
The configuration contains :

- 1 EVA4400
- 1 c7000
- BL860c under OpenVMS (a do have the proper RPC command to shut it down)
- 1 BL460G1 running th Vcenter (nor virtuliased)
- 4 BL460G1 as ESX servers (v4.1)

How would you manage a graceful shutdown with the PowerManager givent with the UPS ?




Adam suggested:




Assuming that PowerManager can run a script when it detects a shutdown, then could you have  a powershell script on the Virtual Center server that does an orderly shutdown?

This guy has a script that should work…




Any other help or suggestions? Have you done this?


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Re: VMware shutdown with HP R5500 UPS

Phoebe had some additional input:




As you know, HP Power Manager doesn't support any VMware OS via below Support OS matrix.


If you want to use UPS in VMware eenvironment, you need to buy HP UPS Management Module.



BTW,You should install HP UPS Management Module's agent into Host OS not Guest OS.

And use Host's setting(VMware infrastructure Client without vCenter) to shutdown Guest OS.