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WAN bandwidth requirement for VDI solution

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WAN bandwidth requirement for VDI solution

Ramu wanted some guidelines for deploying a VDI solution:



There is a requirement of hosting VDI in a centralized datacenter and accessing the DC over the WAN from various offices (currently 4 offices) across the country. From the VMware view 4.0 document, I could see that we might need about 10Mbps WAN link for 100 users (average 102 Kbps per user). Citrix document shows we might need 120 Kbps per user (45Kbps for MS Office and 80 for Internet browsing).


Users are going to use only MS Office applications and few development tools. Any estimation for this?. I know the bandwidth requirement will offset the savings (if at all any) achieved by implementing VDI solution. But Citrix has told that using their HDX feature bandwidth requirement is not high and customer can rollout VDI on WAN.


Could you please point me to the bandwidth calculator or any other documents specific to this?


Patrick had some info:


Does this table help below? See attached.


Have a read of CTX124457 http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX124457



HP also has info at http://www.hp.com/go/vdi

Are you implementing VDI at your company? Let us know your thoughts on it.