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iSCSI Offload NC532i vSphere/ESX 4.1

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iSCSI Offload NC532i vSphere/ESX 4.1

What is the procedure for enabling iSCSI offload within vSphere/ESX 4.1 on the BL460c G6 blade system with the NC532i Broadcom NetXtreme II 57711E 10G?


All documentation states that this requires an additional license, but that the license is only applicable for Windows and RedHat.  How would one go about enabling this within ESX? 



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Re: iSCSI Offload NC532i vSphere/ESX 4.1

I have also been looking for this for a while. I posted on an HP blog, and VMware forum with no luck so far.

Vmware Forum - (

HP Blog - (


I had the chance to work with a Dell server and a Broadcom 5709 card. On the Dell server it shows up under the storage adapters, but it throws an error when you try to add storage on it. (says there is no vmknic associated). tried various forums for the solution to that and they give alot of command line options to do it, but it's still not clear. Also the command line options for iSCSI are all using esxcli SWiSCSI which i find odd since it should be HWiSCSI.