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Suggestions about system restore

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Suggestions about system restore

Hi all,

We have very critical system working on 2 cluster nodes. It shouln't be off even 15 mins. Even we have 2 cluster nodes , in case a OS failure system restore may be needed. I use Acronis software for other systems but recovering from it takes hours usually. I am looking for fast solution for urgent system recovery to take not more than 15-20 mins.
John Gillings
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Re: Suggestions about system restore


recovery from what type of failure? hardware, software, communications, fire, earthquake, comet strike?

what state do you need to recover to? beginning of day, beginning of week, beginning of last month, 10 minutes ago, one minute ago, or instantaneous?

15-20 mins from when? instant of failure, time of detection, start of recovery?

There are many possibilities, depending on what type of failures you want to be able to recover from, and (most important), how much money you're prepared to spend. In simple terms, the shorter you want the recovery time, and the fewer lost transactions, the more you need to spend.

With enough cash you can build an OpenVMS system that can recover from complete site
destruction in a matter of minutes with no lost transactions. I'm thinking three sites with three member shadow sets, symmetric with at least two nodes at each site, all with redundant comms links and power.

If you're serious about building a highly reliable system, you need to approach the problem from a much higher level than could be answered in a forum like this. Engage a consultant to help you - expect to pay a fairly significant sum for the service.
A crucible of informative mistakes
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Re: Suggestions about system restore


Actually what we neede to is fast system recovery not a complete disaster solution.
Our server serves 7/24 public . For hardware troubles we have a cluster node. But in case of OS or any virus or security problems we may need to recover it from last system image or backup.
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Re: Suggestions about system restore


you might want to look at using a storage solution that can take snapshots such as msa2000, eva etc (depending on your performance and capacity requirements), restoring data would be fairly instantaneous to a point in time.
BTW the Openvms OS suggested by john gillings has no known viruses and a reputation for security and reliability that make it ideal for 24/7 apps they also have the best clustering in the business, not that it looks like you are going to change your OS - FWIW

some refernces :-


Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: Suggestions about system restore

For Linux I would recommend you to look at "open shared root" - this is very close to an alpha cluster.

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