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Getting started with HP LoadRunner certifications


HP Loadrunner certification Partner Certification and Learning.pngHP LoadRunner is the industry standard for application performance testing. The load testing tool helps you prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks and to obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live. Extremely flexible for organizations and projects of all sizes, HP LoadRunner software testing tool enables you to test a range of applications including mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP and legacy.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has two HP LoadRunner certifications:

  1. HP ATP - LoadRunner v12
  2. HP ASE - LoadRunner v12

First off, there are no prerequisites for either of these certifications. Second, the certification path you choose will depend on your level of experience (or inexperience) with HP LoadRunner.

HP ATP – LoadRunner v12

This certification is designed for individuals with at least six months of hands-on HPE LoadRunner experience and who’ve completed the recommended Essentials training or acquired equivalent knowledge. Successful achievement is an indication that the candidate is ready to join field engagements under the supervision of a mentor. Training is offered through HPE Software Education Services training centers. (There are alternative options for HPE employees and registered HPE Partners.)


The HP0-M103 exam tests your ability to automate load and performance tests with HP LoadRunner 12.x Software.
The exam verifies you can identify and describe how to plan load tests, create, enhance, and debug web Vusers, create and execute load scenarios to emulate real user behavior and analyze run results with HP LoadRunner.

The HP ATP – LoadRunner v12 exam is typically $200, depending on your regional and location.

Training is highly recommended. Training helps you pass the exam. Training is not required for most certifications. It is required for certain software certifications.

HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 - upgrade from HP AIS - LoadRunner v11

For professionals who already hold the HP AIS - LoadRunner v11 (inactive) certification, there’s a lower-cost and lower-stakes path to acquiring the HP ATP – LoadRunner v12 certification.

The HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 - upgrade from HP AIS - LoadRunner v11 lets performance engineers revalidate their previously certified performance-validation skills on the latest version of LoadRunner, to reaffirm their professional interest in performance validation and demonstrate their ability to cope with evolving technology. The HP ATP - LoadRunner v12 – upgrade from HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 helps them protect their investment in HPE certifications against inevitable skills decay over time.

To receive the HP ATP – LoadRunner v12 certification, consultants who meet the prerequisite (HP AIS – LoadRunner v11) only have to pass the HP2-N53 exam, administered online by Pearson VUE. The exam verifies that your general LoadRunner knowledge and skills are current and validates your knowledge of new and additional features in LoadRunner version 12.

The HP ATP – LoadRunner v12 – upgrade from HP AIS – LoadRunner v11 exam costs between $50 and $100, depending on your region. View the exam prep guide (HP2-N53) to find out more about the LoadRunner v12 Upgrade (HP2-N53) exam.

HP ASE – LoadRunner v12

The HP ASE – LoadRunner v12 certification targets load testing and HPE LoadRunner professionals with at least one year of field experience. Successful achievement indicates to your manager you’re ready to participate in or lead performance-validation projects. The HP ASE – LoadRunner v12 certification is a requirement If you’re interested in consulting or instructing with LoadRunner v12 software.

ASE Loadrunner.png

The main difference you’ll notice is the cost of the ASE exam HP0-M217P, which is administered only at HPE Software Education training facilities. It’s a three-hour, hands-on practicum exam, designed to test your working skills with HP LoadRunner v12 software.

By passing this rigorous exam, IT professionals establish their expertise in planning a performance test, creating virtual users, implementing and running load scenarios, deploying system monitors, and analyzing test results. Certification validates your ability to use LoadRunner to automate application load test and performance validation.

HP ASE – LoadRunner v12 – upgrade from HP ASE – LoadRunner v11

If you already hold the HP ASE – LoadRunner v11 certification, you qualify for the upgrade path to the v12 credential, thereby protecting your investments in training and certification with minimal additional effort and cost. By taking the HP2-N59 exam, administered online by PearsonVUE, you can upgrade your v11 ASE certification to HP ASE - LoadRunner v12.

Training at HPE ESoftware Education Services

Visit the HPE Software Education Services site to find your nearest HPE Software Education Services training facility.

To access the training catalog and view the class outline and schedule, click the “Software Training” tab and select your country.

Scheduling an Exam

Please click the appropriate link for the exam schedule in your region:

To learn more about HP LoadRunner go to

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