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See how an HPE certification can help you [Infographic]


Achieving an HPE certification benefits your career, your employer, and your customers. How? Read more in our three previous blog posts:

When we asked our partners earlier this year how HPE certifications helped them, they said that having an advanced certification helped them do their jobs better and drive bigger deal sizes and win rates. Industry peers agree, too. According to Pearson Vue, 65% of learners who received an industry certification saw a positive impact on their professional image and reputation. Having an HPE certification tells customers that you have the skills and knowledge to transform their business and increases the value you bring to your employer.

Check out how you an HPE Certification can help you.

HPE Cert & Learning Infographic Aug 2016 .jpg

Start your HPE certification journey today

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Karl Kovacs
Global Sales and Partner Enablement
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20+ years in IT, including data center architect, pre-sales engineer, certification development and management. Passion for technology, gadgets and the outdoors. Always looking for ways to blend them together in one big adventure.

Amar Joshi

Couldn't agree more with the article and the picture said thousand words.  Certification  has helped many  individuals and businesses  increasing the deal size and opened up many new discussions that lead to new deals. Customers are trusting certified individuals more than just the talking Toms. I have seen individual contributors and IT administrators dealt with environment more systematically and knew where to look for help while planning and maintaining infrastructure, once they obtain correct training and certification. 

HP certifications are written very systematically for sales, presales, administrators and support individuals. A progressive certification approach is unique and proven with HP certifications. Kudos to the HP certification team for keeping the standards high. 


Great data and truth around certification value!