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Configuration server returncode 650

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Configuration server returncode 650

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since some time I experience problems in my Radia Test environment. None of my clients receive files.


In short:

radish.log: shows a stack trace


Agent's connect.log shows 'END DOWNLOADING SERVICE LIST RC[650]'

Radia version 5 on windows. See attachments.

Where to start lookingt?





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Re: Configuration server returncode 650



I am not sure if contacting HP support will help since version 5.x is out of support now.


The attachement shows a policy related error when resolving the instance : PRIMARY.SOFTWARE.ZSERVICE.ETT_STATIC_FILES_D

Does this instance exist?


What happens when you remove this service from policy and then run an agent connect? Does that work fine?




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Re: Configuration server returncode 650


I found a 'circular' reference for a package. I removed it and it solved the problem.
Yesterday we found a (new) circular reference for another package. We try to figure out how and when these references are created.