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DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1

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DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1

I have client computers with HPCAE agent installed on them with Patch notify working fine.



I try to create  a DTM job and then run a notify refesh DTM but the job does not get reflected on the Clients hence


I uninstall the agent on client and reinstall agent manually. Now i can create a DTM job succesfully....



I am puzzled, Do I have to uninstall clients manually on all computers to create DTM sync successfull.



I have another question, How do i uninstall agents from client computers using Agent deployment wizard.




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Re: DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1



Uninstall and reinstall may not be the solution here. On one of the agents where the DTM sync isnot working, can you check the contents of dtm.log ?  Also, check if the notify was received succesfully by radexecd.log. Do you see dtm.xml created in the agent\lib folder.


You must also confirm the presence of SAP.EdM in the lib folder.

Using the above information we can try to figure out what is going on wrong.



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Re: DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your reply. Actually in some of my clients DTM.xml lists the jobs perfectly fine and on some of them it does not list any job.  I think that it is the RMA.CFG in the ETC folder of Management agent that is corrupted.  So I am planning to uninstall all old agents using WMI command and then deploy agents from the Core. I guess it will resolve the issue. What do u suggest?



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Re: DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1


chech the properties of the device at the console -do they math the real situation (IP, setrial number and so on)?


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Re: DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1

Hello all,


In order to schedule agent connects (software, patch, etc) HP strongly recommends the use of TIMERS.


Information and examples on TIMERs can be found in the "HP 8.10 Client Automation Administrator Guide”, page 235, section E- Creating Timers in Configuration Server  Database.


I hope this helps.



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Re: DTM Sync on HP CAE 8.1



The DTM agent requests for the jobs using the  RMADEVDN  attribute. If for some reason this value is not available it just uses the device ( machine) name and then requests for the available jobs.


Hence it is quite possile that the jobs have been scheduled using either FQDN or the devicename and hence only 1 combination is working for the client. If you uninstall the RMADEVDN value may get refreshed and hence work.


If feasible you can try uninstalling . However I would rather suggest using rmareset.tcl option.  Please talk to support on how to get and use this file. It mayhelp solving the corrupt rma.cfg file.