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MS-Office 2003 Installation problem

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MS-Office 2003 Installation problem



I have already gone through all the posts of Office related issues but could not find the solution.

Can anyone help??


Error - RC:709

Version - HPCA 7.2


Logs attached for reference.

If anything else required let me know.





Re: MS-Office 2003 Installation problem

Error from MsiInfo.log is:


Product: Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 -- Error 1308. Setup cannot find the required file


Corresponding file request from msihttp.log is: - - [01/Nov/2011:13:34:38] "FILES/PFILES/MSOFFICE/OFFICE11/1033/MSAIN.DLL" 1 0


Corresponding error from radstgms.log is:


NVD001000V [W3Conn         ] 13:34:37 [RADSTGMS / 000001bc] SYSTEM ---  Request [GET] [/90110409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9/////FILES/PFILES/MSOFFICE/OFFICE11/1033/MSAIN.DLL] [HTTP/1.1] on existing connection
NVD000001E [RADSTGMS       ] 13:34:37 [RADSTGMS / 000001bc] SYSTEM --!  Error in expansion rc[12] [edmcmp.c(10200) Rev(146,145) - CRC mismatch ( to )]
NVD000001E [RADSTGMS       ] 13:34:37 [RADSTGMS / 000001bc] SYSTEM --!  Bytes downloaded  180255, bytes sent to msi 491520 file size 588344


This is saying that the file downloaded from the stager (RPS_BHOPAL_N15_COLINDPC001) has failed the CRC check and it is not valid.

It attempts to donwload the file three times before failing.


Suggestions: Check that the file source on RPS_BHOPAL_N15_COLINDPC001 is valid and has not been corrupted. Check that the file size is correct.

Try to download the file manually using the msi redirector via the link:

They may be a problem with the network link or card that is preventing the file downloading properly - it should be 588344 bytes.



Frequent Advisor

Re: MS-Office 2003 Installation problem



Sorry for delay. I was on a long leave.


Still struggling on the issue.


I have checked everything as you told and also other PC's are able to download the file properly from the same server.


Only there are some few PC's which give error.


Please find the Msiinfo.log as an attachment.