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Policy resolution

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Policy resolution

Hi, everyone!


Just wanted to task if anybody has encountered the  return code 650 caused by 

"Error: list element in quotes followed by ":" instead of space"


I'll be attaching my radish.log to this post.


I've been assigning services through the HPCA 8.1 console but I don't think the policies are being resolved.

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Re: Policy resolution

if you have access to the KB articles please go through the following one to get a possible reasons of 650 error in policy resolution.





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Re: Policy resolution

Hi, Pravs!

I don't seem to have sufficient rights to view the document.

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Re: Policy resolution

Can you try the following and let us know what you observe?

1. Open Core console -> Management Tab and browse to a machine for which policy resolution fails

2. Open properties window for this machine and click Entitlements


Do you see all the services assigned to the machine? If any services are indeed assigned to this machine, you should see those in this UI. If you don't see any services at all, inspect ManagementPortal log and let us know any error messages you observe.

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Re: Policy resolution

Hi, Gowhar Jan


I can see the services assigned to the machine, but whenever I launch Self Service manager error 650 comes up and the log contains this


NVD8115I 16:12:35 < /7A0> Radia Client --- REXX Method <E:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\ConfigurationServer\rexx\NOVADIGM\radish> with parms <ldap:///dc=smsg,dc=local??sub?samaccountname=<<ZUSERID>>$> started at <16:12:35:420>
NVD8405I 16:12:35 < /7A0> Radia Client --- <Policy resolution using $MACHINE < RADISH>> with parameters <--> started <> at <16:12:35:426>
NVD0000I 16:12:35 < /7A0> Radia Client --- HTTP: requesting http://localhost:3466/policy/ldap?dn=ldap%%%%3a%%%%2f%%%%2f%%%%2fdc%%%%3dsmsg%%%%2cdc%%%%3dlocal%%%%3f%%%%3fsub%%%%3fsamaccountname%%%%3dGBVINCH%%%%24&smsystemmanufacturer=VMware%%%%2c+Inc.&mtime=2013-01-08+08%%%%3a12%%
NVD0000E 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --! LDAP: list element in quotes followed by ":" instead of space
NVD8413E 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --! METHOD <RADISH> , EXECUTION ERROR PID =<0>, rc = <16>
NVD8126I 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --- Catalog Resolution.
NVD8126I 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --- Method Failed: rc = 16
NVD8119I 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --- REXX Method <E:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\ConfigurationServer\rexx\NOVADIGM\radish> ended at <16:12:36:016>, rc<16>
NVD8010E 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --! METHOD <radish> SET OBJECT RESOLUTION ABORT CODE
NVD3043E 16:12:36 < /7A0> Radia Client --! OBJECT RESOLUTION ABORTED - DUE TO RETURN CODE, RC = <16>



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Re: Policy resolution

Policy Server log may provide some information to troubleshoot this issue further. Can you increase the Policy Server log level, run some tests so that the issue occurs again and share both radish and Policy Server logs?


To increase Policy Server log level, add the following line to HPCA-PM.RC:



and add the following to PM.CFG:



and restart Policy Server.