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Publish Adobe Reader

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Publish Adobe Reader

Hi All


I am publishing Adobe Reader 10 to the Application Self Service Portal with 7.9

The application appears but when I try to install it using   it fails

My install command is as follows:

"ZCREATE - hide.exe cmd.exe /q /c &(ZLIBDRV)&(ZLIBDIR)zcreate.cmd"


What am i missing?



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Re: Publish Adobe Reader



Do you get a 709 error?


Where does your zcreate.cmd get deployed on the Agent machine? &(ZLIBDRV)&(ZLIBDIR) points to the service or application specific directory under the Agent LIB directory. Check the location where zcreate.cmd has been stored after the connect and update the ZCREATE method in CSDB to point to the same directory.




Re: Publish Adobe Reader

Hi can you tell me that how you are packaging adobe reader via MSI file or .exe file..