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Windows 8 and CAE 7.9

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Windows 8 and CAE 7.9

What is the current status of Windows 8 support for CAE 7.9.

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Re: Windows 8 and CAE 7.9


Are you looking for Windows 8 support on client devices or on Core console? If this is about clients then I believe they should work fine without any change. The HPCA core may need some changes .


I suggest contacting HPCA support for the latest status on this topic.



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Re: Windows 8 and CAE 7.9

Hi All,
The Enhancement Requests has been approved and are moved to action, you may contact HP support asking for the related files.
You can see those ERs in the links below
Mahmoud Ibrahim
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    Re: Windows 8 and CAE 7.9

    Thanks for the information. 


    However I was asking for v7.9 and the bulletins say that it applies to v 8.1 


    Is there any chance of updates for 7.9?  

    We are starting project planning to upgrade to the next major release of CAE when it comes out and thus we have currently shelved plans to move from 7.9.007 to 8.1. There are only so many hours in a day.

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    Re: Windows 8 and CAE 7.9

    The changes for Windows 8 on HPCa 8.10 version may be back ported on previous versions like 7.90. Having said that, I again suggest to contact the HPCA support to get the latest schedule for this change by filing a CPE incident ( ticket).



    Also, even the current 7.90 agent will work on Windows 8 without any change in terms of inventory collection and other regular tasks. The changes will be most likely on the server end ( reporting of Windows 8, ZSTOP expression , etc). 

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    Re: Windows 8 and CAE 7.9

    Thanks Praveen. 


    When i originally posted this I also opened a support ticket and were told that inventory and application manager were ok with windows 8 but that patch management would need updates. 


    Because Mamoud Ibrahim posted in this thread that the ER's were moving to release and we could get them from support, i have opened another ticket yesterday as well. (and it's patch managment that i am most interested in).   I see that nvdkit is getting an update and thats an integral  part of patch management on the client.   They said that the files are not available yet, i will get a timeline for this.  


    Thanks for the update.