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radexecd.log - Invalid Argument

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radexecd.log - Invalid Argument

Hi, All.


I don't really know where to post this in this forum but I have a problem with one of the client.

I'm getting this Invalid Argument in radexecd.log when trying to notify a client.


NVD000001V [accept socket  ] 13:54:23 [RADEXECD / 000002fc] SYSTEM ---  22-Invalid argument


I have already deployed many applications and patches here but suddenly get this issue.


Please help. Thanks!




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Re: radexecd.log - Invalid Argument



Can you send the agent logs ( radexecd.log)? Also, can you try running the same command on the client machine using :


" radntfyc localhost < CMD> " 


Which version of the agent are you using  ?