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unable to login into CM admin packager

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unable to login into CM admin packager



when i am trying to login into CM admin packager, it is showing error as "unable to connect to server. please see browser log for details". any idea what went wrong??

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Re: unable to login into CM admin packager


can you check if :


1. RCS is running correctly on the server machine ( localhost or other location). Try restarting RCS once if feasible.

2. The IP address and port specified for RCS is correct ( check ZMASTER.EDM present inside lib folder for these details)

3. You can access the server machine both using IP and hostname ( try the ping utility).

4. RCS has not exceeded the task limit. THis means that the number of allowed concurrent connections to RCS is not matching with the actual load on the server. Check EDMPROF.dat file for the settings. The RCS logs will clarify further and also the packager log.