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Automated Infra Server Sync

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Automated Infra Server Sync


Aplogies if this has been answered elsewhere (couldn't see it after some trawling) or if I'm missing the obvious...but in CAS 7.2 is there some way of creating a recurring schedule for an Infrastructure Server cache sync?

I would've expected the wizard to allow creation of a schedule, in keeping with the other tasks, but it seems to just be a one-time operation(?) Surely it isn't necessary to manually select all the servers and initiate a sync by hand?

Hopefully someone can set me straight quickly without making me feel too foolish. Many thanks for any input!
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Re: Automated Infra Server Sync

You are correct! There is no method to schedule a regular preload sync using the CAS Console. If you want this as a feature you'd have to request this as an enhancement but you should also note that if the client requests a resource file that is not in the infra server, the infra server will at that point in time request the resource from the CAS server and store it in the infra cache for other clients should they request it.
This is using the dynamic cache on the infra server - the cache that is dynamically populated as clients request resources.

When you run the actual preload sync you populate the infra's static cache. The clients will make use of both static and dynamic cache.

Of course, if your clients and infra server are on the end of a slow link and you did not preload new apps to the local infra server then you can expect installs to take some time i guess!

So if you want the scheduled preload sync feature i'm afraid it's an enhancement request.



Re: Automated Infra Server Sync

Thanks very much for the reply Karl! Seems a bit odd that this isn't in there yet as dynamic caching isn't really something to rely on if large amounts of apps are being pushed through the env...or OS images I guess! Cheers!
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Re: Automated Infra Server Sync

Agreed... if you send me an email i can share an unofficial method of scheduling the sync using the AT command -
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event