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Automatic differential patch acquisition

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Automatic differential patch acquisition

From the Patch Manager manual I learnt that we can acquire patch by using command lines and scheduled as acquisition jobs. However, it seems there's no parameter for reusing the .acq files for interaction acquisition.

On the other hand, it seems suggested from the manual that whenever an acquistion was performed beforehand, "only instances that are different are updated" for the next acquisition (page 62, RPM 2.1 manual, June 2005). Say if I choosed to download all patches available from Microsoft, the next time if I run the same command (nvdkit patch.tkd acquire ...) with the scheduled job, I'll only get the latest released patches from Microsoft, but not all.

Would someone please confirm my understanding?

Honored Contributor

Re: Automatic differential patch acquisition

Hello Vincent,

Yes that's true, It will only acquire only updated patches from Microsoft.But it is same as when you acquire using the IE.

Hope this helps!!
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Re: Automatic differential patch acquisition

Thanks. I experienced that also.
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