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CAS 7.5 client-server connection

Occasional Advisor

CAS 7.5 client-server connection

Hi all

I have a question regarding the Core and Satellite setup.

I have a few agents being managed by several satellite servers. Each satellite is in a different subnet, so the clients being managed should be connecting to the satellite 1st before going to the core. I'd like to know how to make sure the clients are connecting to the satellite server and not the core server. I've checked the connect.log on the client machines, but it's not very practical to do so every time. Is there a log file on the core and satellite servers that can provide confirmation on clients connecting to specific servers to download patches or software?

Occasional Advisor

Re: CAS 7.5 client-server connection

A further question:

If I were to manually install an agent on a client machine and it connects to the core server, and I place it in a different subnet with a satellite server available, will it connect to the satellite server automatically?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event