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Changes of IP and hostname of PC

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Changes of IP and hostname of PC

I'm currently deploying CAS7.5 on my customer site which consist 5000 PC.
We have a question about the changing of IP/hostname.
There will be changing of IP of a same PC once it change the location, can CAS detect the changes? Do we need to deploy the agent and import the device again to CAS?
How if both IP and hostname changed, but the PC have agent installed previously, can CAS detect it?


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Re: Changes of IP and hostname of PC

Hi there, as part of the agent on the device, it will send heartbeat information for when the info of a device changes such as IP or hostname and will register back to the infrastructure. When the hostname changes however you may get duplicate devices in the reporting database, however the management tab device info will adjust accordingly.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event