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Download Error

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Download Error

I need

HP-UX (11.11) - SEp'05 Support plus release

This Bundles contain

HWENABLE11i - B.11.11.0509.430
GOLDAPPS11i - B.11.11.0509.429
GOLDBASE11i - B.11.11.0509.429

I have installed HWENABLE11i - B.11.11.0509.430.

I am not able to download this two.
GOLDAPPS11i - B.11.11.0509.429
GOLDBASE11i - B.11.11.0509.429

Actual size is 492250kb & 492250 kb.

But download size is max 365000kb only.It is not fully download
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Re: Download Error


First maybe you could say hello and please.
Second this is not the right forum for your request.

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Re: Download Error

Hello All,

These 2 bundles are in fact presented in the same depot file. See below

Please note: Both the GOLDBASE11i and GOLDAPPS11i bundles including their respective patches are delivered within the same depot. The depot name on the Support Plus media is GOLDQPK11i.

This is from Sep '05 (11.11 Support Plus) home page. I have found that trying to get the readme for GOLDAPPS wouldn't work whereas GOLDBASE would. I know that GOLDQPK11i_B.11.11.0509.429.depot is the actual depot file. Have you tried to download it from directly from

I have found sometimes the links don't work.

Directly connecting may work.

Best Regards,

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