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HPCA support wol, how about vPro ?

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HPCA support wol, how about vPro ?

HPCA support wol (wake-on-lan), that means it only can work in the same subnet, right? (magic packet can't over router)

I know HPOV OMC(Out-of-Band Management Console) support vPro, does HPCA support Intel AMT technology with vPro,too?
If not, is the current OMC 4.0 evaluation version free to use for our customer ?

Thanks for your advice.
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Re: HPCA support wol, how about vPro ?

WOL is not restricted to the same subnet. You need to get your network team to allow the magic packet through the routers. Nothing to do with HPCA; standard work stuff.

As for the OMC.v4.0 question; is it free to use for out customer? Don't know, what's stopping you from using it if it's free?

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Re: HPCA support wol, how about vPro ?

Thanks for reply.
I never successfuly waked a pc over router, I'll try to check with network team whether the magic packet can pass or not.

I'm considering use OMC 4.0 in our customer site if it is free for all. Because some freeware is for individual only. I'd like to make sure the usage limitation and whether it has license issue.

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Re: HPCA support wol, how about vPro ?

The HP Out-of-band Management Console (HP OMC) provides a console to implement AMT/vPro management of vPro devices. It is completely separate today from HP Client Automation consoles (Standard and Enterprise editions). HP OMC provides only vPro management.

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